Our Team

Vikki Finley

President and CEO

As the President and CEO of Arms Wide, Vikki Finley has provided leadership and guidance for almost twenty years, overseeing the ins and outs of our mission-driven organization. She graduated magna cum laude with a degree in business from the University of Colorado, and uses her business and financial prowess to keep Arms Wide running smoothly.

Why I started with Arms Wide Adoption Services:

Years ago, I was in a car accident and was laid up recovering. A friend told me that Arms Wide (then known as Spaulding for Children) needed someone to reconstruct their accounting systems. I offered to do the work while I was on the mend, and then began formally working for Arms Wide shortly after that. The life changing work that benefits children and families has a way of drawing you in and keeping the passion for the mission alive.

My favorite part about my job:

I love the people—our kids, our families, and my coworkers who make this job so rewarding.

My least favorite part:

I want to be more involved with helping families, but get bogged down in paperwork or busy navigating a highly regulated service delivery system.

More about me:

I love cars!  Driving, competing, and restoring cars allows me to relax and clear my mind.  Currently, I am restoring a 1957 BMW Isetta.  It is a unique microcar with the door on the front of the car instead of on the side.

Ask me about:

Cooking. Recently, I’ve been trying new recipes and discovering interesting foods.

More Team Members

Annie Richardson

Director of Development