Our Team

Neftali Hernandez

Compliance Coordinator

Nef works hand-in-hand with Shelly and Elizabeth as a compliance coordinator and system administrator. She makes sure Arms Wide meets contract and minimum standards and uses databases as efficiently as possible. After earning her psychology degree at Southwestern A/G University, Nef joined our team at Arms Wide.

Why I started with Arms Wide Adoption Services:

I first learned about Arms Wide through my sister, Pamela, who also works here. Since I’ve always loved helping kids, but preferred a behind-the-scenes role in the adoption and foster care process, this position fits me really well.

My favorite part about my job:

I can’t pick just one! I think Arms Wide’s policy of promoting a work-life balance and self-care is wonderful, and I like all my fellow employees. However, probably the best part of all is seeing kids who had a rough start to life finally succeed and thrive in a healthy environment.

My least favorite part:

My least favorite part is hearing about the difficult circumstances which brought a kid into foster care.

More about me:

As the oldest of five, family is incredibly important to me, and I’m passionate about helping kids in need find the right family so that they can thrive.

Ask me about:

My Pinterest-inspired calligraphy projects—and my Pinterest-fails (they all involve slime!)

More Team Members

Jessica Hernandez

Marketing Intern

Delia S. Lopez

Post Permanency and Post Adoption Case Manager