Our Team


Neftali Hernandez

Compliance Coordinator

Neftali works hand-in-hand with Shelly as a compliance coordinator and system administrator. She makes sure Arms Wide Adoption Services meets contract and minimum standards and uses databases as efficiently as possible. After earning her psychology degree at Southwestern A/G University, Nef joined our team at Arms Wide Adoption Services.

Why I started with Arms Wide Adoption Services:

I first learned about Arms Wide Adoption Services through my sister, Pamela, who also works here. Since I’ve always loved helping kids, but preferred a behind-the-scenes role in the adoption and foster care process, this position fits me really well.

My favorite part about my job:

I can’t pick just one! I think Arms Wide Adoption Services’ policy of promoting a work-life balance and self-care is wonderful, and I like all my fellow employees. However, probably the best part of all is seeing kids who had a rough start to life finally succeed and thrive in a healthy environment.

My least favorite part:

My least favorite part is hearing about the difficult circumstances which brought a kid into foster care.

More about me:

As the oldest of five, family is incredibly important to me, and I’m passionate about helping kids in need find the right family so that they can thrive.

Ask me about:

My Pinterest-inspired calligraphy projects—and my Pinterest-fails (they all involve slime!)

More Team Members

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Post Adoption Supervisor - Region 6

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