Our Team

Marihah Aziz

Marketing Intern

As the Marketing Intern, Marihah Aziz assists in creating and sharing meaningful content on behalf of the Arms Wide Adoption Services family. She is currently studying psychology at the University of Houston-Downtown, where she fuels her aspiration in working within the field of clinical psychology.

Why I started with Arms Wide Adoption Services:

I wanted to be involved with an organization that services the community, especially its children. As a student of psychology, empathy for others becomes magnified; thus, working for Arms Wide Adoption Services allows me to use this empathy in a proactive and helpful way.

My favorite part about my job:

Creating public interest in the creation of these beautiful families and allowing people to share their personal yet important stories. I love being able to be a part of the voice which speaks on behalf of these children. Creating such awareness is a big part of helping these children live the life they deserve.

My least favorite part:

Being more exposed to the fact that basic human necessities of having loving caregivers and belonging to a kin is not available for so many children.

More about me:

I’m originally from Kansas City, MO. I moved to Houston a couple years ago and have fallen in love with the city’s melting pot of diversity in regard to cultures, food, ideologies, and people. Experiencing different worldly perspectives is something that has always interested me. I come from a multicultural family and during my childhood I struggled finding one identity for myself. I had no sense of belonging to a particular social group; thus, this made me fascinated in connecting to people of various backgrounds. I’ve come to realize that despite our differences, all humans strive to love, be loved, and enjoy this shared life in the best they can. In addition, I’m currently studying psychology so that I can improve my understanding and better connect with various peoples.

Ask me about:

Traveling, fashion trends, relationships or dating, self-help book recommendations, videogames, and dogs.

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