Our Team


Carrie Shephard

Supervisor of Training and Recruitment

Carrie engages the community, informs parents about the adoption and foster care process, and trains foster and adoptive parents. She is a graduate of the University of Texas at Austin with degrees in Social Work and Government, with a concentration in Secondary Education.

Why I started with Arms Wide Adoption Services:

After many years of work in youth-focused non-profits, I myself became a parent through foster care adoption.  My passion for finding and supporting other families who come together through foster care adoption led me to Arms Wide Adoption Services. Drawn to their commitment to fully knowing and supporting every one of their families, I knew I could contribute to finding safe and nurturing families for all children.

My favorite part about my job:

I love meeting individuals and families who are thinking of opening their lives to children from foster care. I’m passionate about ensuring families have the education and tools they need to successfully meet the needs of their future children.

My least favorite part:

Hearing about the struggles of children who are not able to find safe and supportive foster and adoptive homes, or who become adults without having been adopted.

More about me:

I have a diverse background in non-profit social service work. Mostly, my background is focused on crisis intervention, education, and training for youth-focused missions. I’ve dedicated myself to finding ways to identify the missed opportunities to better serve children with the highest needs. And to offering people the training and support they need to do the work well.  I love learning from the people I meet, and continuously growing in my profession. After taking the journey of foster/adoption myself, I’m excited to walk alongside others who join this incredible path.

Ask me about:

Ask me about cycling, triathlon, and vegetarian recipes!

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