Meet Our Kids

Treasure & Kamion

Age: 14 & 16

Gender: Female & Female

Sisters Treasure and Kamion are both sweet and smart, and love animals and all things “girly.” That’s about where their similarities end—they’re as different as night and day. Nevertheless, their bond is unbreakable and they couldn’t imagine being apart from each other.

Big sister Kamion is quiet and respectful, always thinking carefully before she asks a question or joins a conversation. She carries her Bible with her everywhere and loves participating in faith-based activities like church and youth group. Kamion enjoys learning new things at school, especially in her history class. A talented athlete, she loves playing volleyball and running track. Kamion likes hanging out with her friends at school. She’s an excellent judge of character, choosing her friends as thoughtfully as she chooses her words. Although she can come across as reserved when someone first meets her, she has a wonderful smile that lights up a room.

Kamion’s younger sister, Treasure, is the yin to Kamion’s yang. While Kamion prefers to listen more than she speaks, Treasure could talk the hind legs off a donkey. Treasure doesn’t hesitate to chat with new people or speak up for herself. She’s a strong, opinionated firecracker of a young lady. Her feisty personality also means she’s a self-starter—she’ll advocate for herself and work hard when she’s passionate about something. When it comes to fulfilling her goals, it helps that Treasure always thinks ahead. Just check her purse—there will always be a snack “just in case!” Treasure has a beautiful voice and loves to sing.

Treasure and Kamion hope to find a forever family together. Treasure especially craves to love and be loved, and simply wants someone to give her hugs. Their ideal parents will be disciplined yet understanding, knowing that they won’t be able to fix everything these sisters have experienced, but willing to love them and be there for them consistently. Although a loving, supportive family with a reliable routine will benefit these Treasure and Kamion tremendously, they’ll need support outside the home as well. They’ll need to keep attending therapy and would benefit from being part of a mentorship program and staying involved in the activities they enjoy, including a Christian youth group. They shine when they’re engaged in their interests and given a chance to talk through their concerns and questions.

Treasure and Kamion are just great. They deserve the world, starting with a family to call their own. If you’d like to learn more about these sisters, contact WWK Recruiter and Adoption Coordinator, Maristel Aguilar, at 713-681-6991 or We love talking about Treasure and Kamion—you can’t help falling in love with this duo.



Age: 16
Gender: Male



Age: 15
Gender: Female