Meet Our Kids

Teri and Sheila

Age: 11 & 12

Gender: Female & Female

Meet Teri

Teri can be shy at first, but once you get to know her you will learn that she loves to shop for new clothes and accessories. She also likes to stay home and do arts and crafts. Teri’s favorite classes in school so far have been art and science, and she loves to get creative and try new experiments.

Teri has a close relationship with her older sister, Sheila. With only a year age difference, Teri sees her sister as her best friend and cannot imagine life without her. Their favorite pastime is turning on music and dancing together. Teri will appreciate a family that can be silly with her but more importantly a family that will value her relationship with her sister as much as she does.

Meet Sheila

Sheila may not always show it, but she cares deeply for others. She holds family close to her heart and more than anything, she wants to be adopted with her younger sister, Teri.
Sheila is very adventurous and loves being outside. A few of her favorite activities are riding bikes, swimming, and playing with dogs. She is very similar to her sister, but she is also very different. Recently Sheila has become more involved in school sports. Between volleyball, basketball, track, and soccer she cannot pick a favorite. She loves them all!
Sheila would do well in an adoptive home that is patient and loving, all while giving her the necessary tools to succeed in life.

To get to know Teri and Sheila better, call or email Ashley Sims at 713-681-6991 or


Age: 14
Gender: Male


Alejandro and Francisco

Age: 18 & 17
Gender: Male and Male