Meet Our Kids


Age: 15

Gender: Female

Shamya can seem shy at first, but give her a few minutes and her personality will shine through. She’s a strong teenager who will speak her mind when she feels passionately. Time to recharge is important to Shamya—having a few moments to herself to color or watch cartoons helps her wind down after a long day. Although she gets along well with her foster siblings, she hopes her forever home will be a small family so she can bond one-on-one with her forever parents and still have some quiet time by herself.

Her favorite TV show is Teen Titans and she loves a good meal, especially seafood. Outdoors, she likes to swim and take walks. A freshman in high school, Shamya is excited about the school year and hopes to try out for basketball. Shamya loves her birth siblings, who aren’t part of this adoption, and is especially close to her brother. She hopes her forever family will support her in keeping in contact with them.

Shamya will thrive in a loving, encouraging, and patient forever family where she’s given the chance to form permanent bonds and be herself. Could you be Shamya’s family? Contact WWK Recruiter and Adoption Coordinator, Chelsey Castro, at to learn more of Shamya’s story.


Treasure & Kamion

Age: 14 & 16
Gender: Female & Female

Treasure & Kamion


Age: 16
Gender: Male