Meet Our Kids

Jeremiah and K’Vonnta

Age: 13 & 10

Gender: Male & Male

These two talented and kindhearted brothers want two things in life: to play college ball and find a forever family together.

Jeremiah may only be 12, but he is wise beyond his years. He says: “my goal is to be adopted by the time I’m 13 because after 13 it’s harder to find a family. I want a forever home.” He also recognizes that his situation—being in foster care—isn’t normal, and strongly desires to be out of the foster care system and into a regular family. Although he gets along well with his attorneys, caseworkers, and foster dad, he hopes for a forever family where he can be a regular kid—he’s excited about the little things, like being allowed to go to sleepovers after he’s adopted.

Both brothers are diagnosed with ADHD and take medicine to help them cope with its effects. Because of his diagnosis, Jeremiah was originally placed in all special education classes at school. However, through hard work and determination, he is overcoming his learning disability. He impressed everyone by transferring out of special education and working diligently to pass all his grade-level classes.

K’Vonnta struggles a little bit more in school and needs one-on-one help with his homework from an adult. Sometimes his frustrations build up and he throws tantrums. Over time, his tantrums have become less frequent and he’s learning how to express his feelings in a healthy way. He is shy around new people, and Jeremiah often answers questions on his behalf. Once he becomes comfortable with a person, K’Vonnta’s personality shines through. He’s an amazing rapper and has a great memory, often memorizing song lyrics he’s overheard on the radio.

For fun, the brothers like to play basketball and football, play videogames, and participate in church every Wednesday and Sunday. They really love attending church and taking part in worship. They hope their future family welcomes them into a church community.

K’Vonnta and Jeremiah thrive in a well-structured environment rooted in routine and discipline. The boys have been in foster care since K’Vonnta’s birth, so they’ve experienced lots of changes throughout their lives. Structure at home provides some much-needed consistency. They connect well with a strong, male role model, and have really flourished while being parented by their foster dad. They attend biweekly therapy, and will need to continue to do so after adoption. They’ll also require family therapy to help them adjust to a forever home.

Recently, they were matched with a family who considered adopting the brothers. The boys quickly bonded with the prospective parents, but the couple wasn’t able to go forward with the adoption through no fault of the boys. After this experience, and since they don’t have any experience with a permanent family, K’Vonnta and Jeremiah will need persistent, unshakeable love and support to show them that their forever family is really theirs forever. To get to know Jeremiah and K’Vonnta better, contact WWK Recruiter and Adoption Coordinator, Chelsey Castro, at  713-681-6991 or



Age: 16
Gender: Male