Meet Our Kids

Ja’Kye’Ya & J’Andre

Age: 14

Gender: Female & Male

Ja’Kye’Ya and J’Andre have the tightest of twin bonds—though they currently live in separate foster homes, they love to talk about the day that they’ll be under the same roof. J’Kye’Ya says that, when they grow up, she and J’Andre will still live together because her brother is “the most important person” to her. J’Kye’Ya loves that J’Andre, whom she calls JJ, will always listen to what she has to say, no matter what she wants to talk about. For J’Andre, his sister is the only person who makes him feel better when he’s having a rough day or having trouble calming down. These two balance each other out perfectly.

Ja’Kye’Ya loves her foster sisters—she likes to tell stories about their different personalities, describing herself as the “weird one” of the group. Her self-professed “weirdness” is definitely a perk—for Ja’Kye’Ya it means she has lots of different interests, from basketball to social studies to fashion, and that she loves to keep her house tidy. She loves to chat with new friends and has a contagious laugh. Attending church is important to Ja’Kye’Ya—right now, she participates in choir and praise dancing—and she hopes her forever family will welcome her into a church community.

J’Andre is a shyer than his sister, but with an equally sweet personality. He loves playing videogames and basketball and making music with his twin—he plays the drums and she has a fantastic voice. When he grows up, he might want to be a police officer or a basketball player or a chef—luckily, he’s still got lots of time to decide.

J’Andre and J’Kye’Ya really want to be adopted so that they can finally live together and have a forever family. Could you be their family? Contact Chelsey at to learn more of their story.


Jeremiah and K’Vonnta

Age: 12 & 9
Gender: Male & Male

Francisco & Alejandro

Age: 13 & 14
Gender: Male & Male