Meet Our Kids

Francisco & Alejandro

Age: 14 & 15

Gender: Male & Male

Francisco and Alejandro have two great loves: pizza and each other. Because they’re currently placed in separate foster homes, they look forward to everything about their sibling visits—from sitting next to each other in the car to sharing a pizza together. They insist on being adopted together so they’ll never have to live apart again.

Take Francisco outside and chances are he’ll have something to say about the cars driving by. Inside his 13-year-old brain lies an impressive knowledge of all things automobile—makes, models, special features, the works! He likes sharing these fun facts with people he trusts. Although he’s often talkative and always observant, Francisco sometimes struggles to communicate verbally. Francisco is enrolled in special education because of developmental delays possibly due to trauma. Despite his setbacks, Francisco works hard to succeed in school. Outside of academics, Francisco plays on the school soccer team. He likes soccer, and thrives when he stays active.

Alejandro is very respectful and has excellent manners. However, he’s also quiet, frequently struggles to communicate his emotions, and sometimes feels misunderstood. He finds an outlet in art and loves to hang out inside, letting his colored pencils dance across his paper. A good student, Alejandro loves books and learning, especially science. He’s got a kind heart, and loves being with his brother.

Both brothers are open to living almost anywhere, as long as they’re together. They’ve asked that their future home have a mom and a dad. They’d flourish in a home with a strong, male role model and nurturing parents who are good listeners, and who keep them active. Francisco and Alejandro would be open to a family with or without other kids. Francisco loves dogs, and he’d love to share his forever home with a pup. Any family where they could be together would mean the world to Alejandro and Francisco.

If you’re interested in learning more about Francisco and Alejandro, please contact WWK Recruiter and Adoption Coordinator, Maristel Aguilar, at or 713-681-6991.


Jeremiah and K’Vonnta

Age: 13 & 10
Gender: Male & Male