Meet Our Kids


Age: 13

Gender: Male

Christopher is a ball of energy! He loves being outside playing almost any sport. He especially likes soccer, T-Ball, football, and basketball. When he’s inside, he likes to play videogames, play with his toy cars, and tinker with electronics—he’s got an impressive mind and is great at figuring out how things work.

Christopher thrives at school, especially when it comes to his reading lessons and making new friends. He’s less confident in math but works hard to pass every class. When things don’t go as planned, Christopher can get upset, like lots of kids his age. However, with redirection and guidance he’s learning how to tackle unexpected situations.

Christopher will thrive in a consistent, structured, and understanding family where he has clear boundaries and feels loved. After his adoption, he’ll continue to need support services like therapy to ease his transition into a forever home. Could you be Christopher’s forever family? Learn more of his story today by contacting WWK Recruiter and Adoption Coordinator, Chelsey Castro, at 713-681-6991 or


Francisco & Alejandro

Age: 14 & 15
Gender: Male & Male