Meet Our Kids

alejandro and francisco

Alejandro and Francisco

Age: 18 & 17

Gender: Male and Male

Meet Alejandro

Alejandro has two great loves; his brother, Francisco, and art. Alejandro shows a lot of his creativity through drawing. He likes to draw Anime characters from his favorite show, My Hero Academia. Alejandro also enjoys reading and going to the library to find new books. His favorites are DC comics such as Batman, Green Lantern, and Flash.

Alejandro is very respectful and honest to those around him. When he gets overwhelmed it’s hard for him to articulate his emotions, but he always finds a way to push through. He is a great student and talks highly about Culinary. Alejandro loves to cook and dreams of becoming part of the restaurant industry one day. He dreams big but I believe he can do anything he puts his mind to!

Meet Francisco

Francisco’s smile is contagious! He has such a silly personality and is not afraid to show who he is to others. Francisco enjoys playing video games and going outside to play. He’s down to try new things like soccer, football, rock climbing, etc. Francisco also finds cars, roads, street signs, etc. fascinating. He’s the best copilot and likes to show the driver where to go.

Francisco is such a positive individual. He’s always looking for the good in people and wants nothing more than to be adopted with his older brother, Alejandro. If given the chance, Francisco would thrive in a home that has nurturing parents that constantly pushes him to new heights.

To get to know Alejandro and Francisco better, call or email Chelsey Castro at 713-681-6991 or


Age: 14
Gender: Male