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*Please save the date for our 2019 Fulfilling Families Luncheon, which will take place on Thursday, May 2, 2019 at Houston Country Club. Special thanks to our 2019 Co-Chairs, Michele Mendenhall Buckley and Emily Kelley, for their advocacy and leadership. More details to come soon! Read more about our 2018 event below.*

2018 Fulfilling Families Luncheon A Record-Breaking Success!

The 2018 Fulfilling Families Luncheon benefiting Arms Wide Adoption Services started with a Houston Country Club crowd of 300 Houstonians chanting, “Go, Pack, Go!” It was all in great fun, as Lisa H. Montgomery, mom of Green Bay Packers Running Back, Ty Montgomery, took the stage as the keynote speaker. Lisa’s keynote explored her intimate journey in fostering 17 young men as a single mother. She explained how her boys, like all kids, just wanted her to be there for them. Now, Lisa celebrates her sons’ successes and their own growing families.

KPRC-TV Channel 2’s Chief Meteorologist, Frank Billingsley, served as the event’s emcee. Frank briefly talked about his book, Swabbed & Found, a memoir of how DNA testing allowed him to discover his biological family and his resulting reflections on just how we define family in our lives. Vikki Finley, Arms Wide Adoption Services’ President and CEO, wrapped up the luncheon by talking about the great successes the organization has had in impacting the lives of children in foster care in need of loving families since it announced its new name at the 2017 luncheon just one year ago.

The fourth annual luncheon raised nearly $180,000 in support of the organization. This year’s luncheon served as a huge milestone for Arms Wide Adoption Services, bringing in a record amount of guests and funds thanks to the leadership of Co-Chairs, Cari Gill and Caroline Simons, and the Luncheon Host Committee. The funds raised will help Arms Wide Adoption Services connect more of the nearly 6,000 children in the Texas foster care system waiting to be adopted with an adoptive family.

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Event Overview


Lisa H. Montgomery

Lisa Montgomery’s most coveted role is mom. Most notably, she’s mom to Green Bay Packer, Ty Montgomery. Most admirably, she’s mom to 17 teenage boys who she has fostered. Lisa is a tireless advocate and foster parent recruiter. When she talks about foster care, people are not only inspired – they take action. It’s no coincidence that when Lisa and Ty  participated in a Wisconsin foster parent campaign, the state saw a 250% increase in foster information packet downloads.

Lisa is an avid volunteer and uses her advocating skills in Wisconsin, North Texas, and across the country. In addition to recruiting foster parents, she is especially fond of her efforts during the Dr. Seuss National Read Across America, where she dresses up as two of her favorite characters – The Lorax and The Cat In The Hat. Annually for the last 11 years, Lisa hosted back-to-school and health fairs in low-income Dallas neighborhoods, where she donated school uniforms, supplies, and more. When Lisa isn’t being a mom, advocate, or volunteer, you can find her at Compass Royalty Management LLC. She has a Master’s in Business Administration with over two decades of Corporate Tax Management experience. She would never say this about herself, but we all know Lisa Montgomery is a true community hero.


Frank Billingsley

KPRC2 Chief Meteorologist Frank Billingsley has been Houston’s television weatherman for over twenty-five years. Born in Little Rock, Arkansas, in 1960, Frank was adopted and raised in Mountain Brook, Alabama. He has recently authored Swabbed & Found, a memoir of his DNA journey to find family and discover the myriad branches of his biological family tree. Frank found that and more, discovering just what makes a family and how we really define family in our lives. Authentic to the core, his book is an inspirational saga of courage and tenacity.

Frank received his Bachelor of Arts in Journalism from Washington and Lee University and a Certificate of Broadcast Meteorology from Mississippi State. He began his TV career as a meteorologist in Virginia, then to Mississippi, and eventually Texas. Frank lives in Houston with his husband, Kevin Gilliard. They have one son, two dogs, and now one book. And a whole lot of family.

Event Committee

Luncheon Chairs

Cari Gill and Caroline Simons

Host Committee

Jennifer Blum, Laurence Bragg, Ting Bresnahan, Michele Mendenhall Buckley, SueNan Cutsinger, Emily Burguières Dalicandro , Marcy de Luna, Tonja De Sloover and Adam Hricik, Julia Engelbrink, Jana Fant, Carolyn Faulk, Lauren and Rob Gray, Cory Greenberg, Elizabeth Hatfield, Emily Kelley, Tracy Larson, Elizabeth Lester , Blair Richardson Loocke, Kristen and Joe Lyons, Catherine and Matt Matthews, Tevia Weiner McLaren, Ruthie and Adam Miller, Renee Morris, Tara Nutik, Linwood Olson, Linsay Radcliffe, Carol and Ronnie Rauch , Suzann Cooley Richardson, Carolyn Sabat, Leslie and Shannon Sasser, Kaitlyn Scheurich, Suzanne Sklar Simons, Anne Halliburton Stewart, Betsy Widelitz, Myra Wilson, Jessica Wood

Event Sponsors

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Fant Foundation

Ruth and Anthony Nocella, Simons Family Foundation

ConocoPhillips Legal Department, Sue Nan and Rod Cutsinger, Carolyn Faulk, Cari and Tyler Gill, KROGER, Tevia and Chris McLaren, Terri and Graham Moore, Randa Weiner, Gaye Lynn and Stuart Zarrow

Burguières Family Foundation, Laura and Mark Dobbins, UBS / Kelly and Frank Hogan

Andrejka Bernatova and David Mora, Jennifer Blum and Amanda Dearborn,Ting Bresnahan / Tracy Larson / Linsay Radcliffe, Michele Mendenhall Buckley, Angela Dunlap and Jason Hubbard, Tasheaya Ellison and Nicole Montgomery, Ken and Vikki Finley, Lauren and Rob Gray / Tonja De Sloover and Adam Hricik, Brooke Bentley Gunst and Carolyn Sabat, Elizabeth Hatfield, Emily Kelley and Jessica Wood, Elizabeth Cromwell Lester and Blair Richardson Loocke, Kristen Olson Lyons and Linwood Olson, The Jeremy McKnight Family, Suzann Cooley Richardson, Alisha and Jon Roberts, Leslie and Shannon Sasser, Leah Shapiro, Caroline and Justin Simons, Suzanne Sklar Simons, SJS Moms, TDIndustries, Inc

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