Annual Luncheon

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Hosted on Thursday, September 30, 2021 at The Briar Club, Arms Wide Adoption Services’ annual Fulfilling Families Luncheon furthers our mission of transforming the lives of children in foster care who are in need of safe and nurturing permanent families. Registration opens at 11:30 AM and the program begins at noon.

Co-Chairs: Jill George Bomar and Alison Powell

Host: Frank Billingsley

Sponsorships and Tickets Available

A donation to this heartfelt event will help ensure Arms Wide Adoption Services can continue to help even more children connect with the loving adoptive families they need and deserve. To reserve your table or purchase tickets, or to make a donation to support this year’s luncheon, click HERE.

Keynote Speaker

We are thrilled to have April Dinwoodie as the 2021 Fulfilling Families Luncheon Keynote Speaker. Dinwoodie’s podcast Born in June, Raised in April: What Adoption Can Teach the World! helps facilitate an open dialogue about identity, family, and gracefully navigates differences of race, class, and culture. As a transracially adopted person raised in a predominately white environment, Dinwoodie has lived this experience.

In articles published on Huffington Post and Medium, Dinwoodie candidly furthers the conversation on healthy identity development, honoring complex relationships, and understanding transformational love. She is the former Chief Executive of the Donaldson Adoption Institute and the founder of AdoptMent, a mentoring program that matches foster youth with adopted adults. Dinwoodie is also a regular contributor to Chronicle of Social Change and Fostering Families Today.

Special Thanks

Special thanks to our Co-Chairs Jill George Bomar and Alison Powell, as well as our Host Committee Members: Jennifer Allison, Lindsey Amiralai, Lindley Arnoldy, Julie Barrett, Amanda Boffone, Kristy Bradshaw, Whitney Casas, Allison Casey, Allison Chavez, Erika Chavez, Julie Longoria Chen, Kelly Cliburn, Ryann Detamore, Amy Doherty, Carter Walker Dugan, Chandos Epley, Genna Evans, Allie Fields, Marcia Fiman, Jen Fink, Allison Flikerski, Marilyn Guion, Claudine Hartland, Lindsay Isaacs Hirsch, Ronda Holladay, Amber Howard, Jayne Sheehy Johnston, Coble Jorgensen, Melissa Juneau, Neekie Kashani, Natalie Kirklin, Paige Kist, Elizabeth Kohlhausen, Natalie Lea, Katie Leonard, Elizabeth Lester, Blair Richardson Loocke, Mike Mahlstedt, April McGee, Christina Milligan, Sarah Ofner, Allison O’Neill, Laura Pojar, Erica Radcliffe, Carolyn Sabat, Leslie Elkins Sasser, Kelley Scofield, Caroline Simons, Ashley Sloan, Andrea Stewart, Kate Stukenberg, Melissa Sugulas, Alicia Summers, Jody Sweed, Jenni Swyka, Krystal Crane Thompson, Tara Treleaven, Christine M. Underwood, Stephanie Wiegand, Jennifer Womack, Jessica Wood, and Emily Yardley

More Information

If you have any questions or would like any additional information about Arms Wide’s upcoming 2021 Fulfilling Families Luncheon, please contact Annie Richardson at or  713-681-6991.

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