Vikki Finley

President and CEO

Annie Richardson

Director of Development

Arianne Riebel, LMSW, LCPAA

Director of Adoption and Foster Care Services

Rachelle Webster, LMSW, LCPAA

Director of Compliance, Post Adoption and Post Permanency


Lynn “Pen” Anderson

Accounting Supervisor

Kimberly Beck, LPC

Adoption Coordinator

Sharon D. Carter

Post Permanency and Post Adoption Case Manager

Chelsey Castro

WWK Recruiter and Adoption Coordinator

Pamela Castro

Bilingual Trainer and Recruiter

Cynthia Couch, LCSW

Supervisor, Post Adoption and Post Permanency

Sharon Crosby

Bilingual Post Adoption Case Manager

Connie Garibaldi

Post Adoption Case Manager

LaRita Godbey

Grant Accountant

Stephanie Griffith

Wendy's Wonderful Kids Recruiter

Jesse Grimaldo

Administrative Assistant / Finance

Jessica Hernandez

Marketing Intern

Neftali Hernandez

Compliance Coordinator

Delia S. Lopez

Post Permanency and Post Adoption Case Manager

Roderick Martin, LMSW

Adoption Coordinator

Melissa Daigneault Neeley

Development and Marketing Coordinator

Yvonne Rodriguez

Foster Care / Adoption Coordinator

Michelle Sanchez

Post Adoption Case Manager

Carrie Shephard

Trainer and Recruiter

Ashley Sims

Recruitment and Training Supervisor

Jodi M. Singer

Foster Care Coordinator

Nancy Torres

Recruiter / Home Developer

Terinisha Vann

Lead Foster Care Coordinator

Donna Waller, LMSW

Supervisor, Post Adoption and Post Permanency

Annette Williams, PhD

Post Adoption Program Manager

Kristina Wyatt, LCPAA

Foster Care Supervisor