Meet Our Kids

In addition to Adoption and Foster Care and Permanency Support services, Arms Wide Adoption Services offers a unique program that offers proactive, child-focused recruitment of adoptive families for children who have been placed in long-term foster care. This program provides intensive social work services to find the best adoptive family for a child by exploring all facets of the child’s family, school, and friendship circles, as well as recruiting potential families from the broader community.

Below are Houston area kids who are enrolled in this specialized, child-focused recruitment program. For more information about these children and to find out how you can become a forever family, please contact us at  713-681-6991. We would love the opportunity to share more about these wonderful children with you and determine if you might be the forever family they have been waiting for!


Age: 16

Gender: Male

Corey loves sports and can play and talk about them anytime, but he absolutely loves basketball. This young many knows his stats and can tell you a thing or two about Lebron James. Besides his passion for basketball, he cares about people. Even though he is a typical teenager who likes video games, pizza, and any type of technology, Corey thinks about others and cares about the people in his life.


Age: 14

Gender: Male

Dai-Ren does it all: plays trombone in the school band, runs track, plays football and basketball, dances, writes poetry, and composes and sings his own raps and songs. All that’s missing is someone to watch his football games and read his poems. He’s hoping to find a forever family who will be there for him.

Francisco & Alejandro

Age: 14 & 15

Gender: Male & Male

Francisco and Alejandro have two great loves: pizza and each other. Because they’re currently placed in separate foster homes, they look forward to everything about their sibling visits – from sitting next to each other in the car to sharing a pizza together. They insist on being adopted together, so they’ll never have to live apart again.

Jeremiah and K’Vonnta

Age: 13 & 10

Gender: Male & Male

These two talented and kindhearted brothers want two things in life: play college ball and find a forever family together. For fun, the brothers like to play basketball and football, play video games, and participate in church every Wednesday and Sunday. K’Vonnta and Jeremiah will need persistent, unshakeable love and support to show them that their forever family is really theirs forever.

Kiki & Joy

Age: 13 & 14

Gender: Female & Female

Joyauna and Kejuana, better known as Joy and Kiki, are two sisters who love each other very much. Their bond comes from being in care together since they were just 2 and 3 years old. They  both love spending time together, playing games, coloring and singing Disney songs. Joy and Kiki believe that adoption is best for them and will help them in life. They also need a family who will stick through the rough times and the good times while reminding these girls that they are worthy of a loving home.


Age: 16

Gender: Male

Michael is a sweet young man who is all about the ROTC and serving his county by joining the military. His smile will steal your heart and his respect and kindness towards others will make you fall in love with him. Michael cares about helping people and that is what he intends to do with the rest of his life. He believes that if he sticks to hard work and believing in himself, he can achieve so much more than the status quo.


Age: 15

Gender: Female

Shamya can seem shy at first, but give her a few minutes and her personality will shine through. She’s a strong teenager who will speak her mind when she feels passionately. Time to recharge is important to Shamya—having a few moments to herself to color or watch cartoons helps her wind down after a long day. Although she gets along well with her foster siblings, she hopes her forever home will be a small family so she can bond one-on-one with her forever parents and still have some quiet time by herself.

Treasure & Kamion

Age: 14 & 16

Gender: Female & Female

Sisters Treasure and Kamion are both sweet and smart, love animals, and love all things “girly.” That’s about where their similarities end – they’re as different as day and night. Nevertheless, their bond is unbreakable and they couldn’t imagine being separated. Treasure and Kamion hope to find a forever family together. Their ideal parents will be disciplined yet understanding, knowing that they won’t be able to fix everything these sisters have experienced, but willing to love them and be there for them consistently.