Vikki Finley – President and CEO

Rachelle Webster, LMSW, LCPAA – Director of Programs

Annie Richardson – Director of Development


Lynn (Pen) Anderson – Accounting Supervisor

Terinisha Bonner – Foster Care/Adoption Coordinator

Sharon D. Carter – Post Permanency and Post Adoption Case Manager

Chelsey Castro – WWK Recruiter and Adoption Coordinator

Neftali Castro – Administrative Assistant

Pamela Castro – Bilingual Trainer and Recruiter

Maristel Cedillo – WWK Recruiter and Adoption Coordinator

Cynthia Couch, LCSW – Supervisor, Post Adoption and Post Permanency

Sharon Crosby – Bilingual Post Adoption Case Manager

Melissa Daigneault – Development and Marketing Coordinator

Elizabeth Durham – Compliance Supervisor

Connie Garibaldi – Post Adoption Case Manager

LaRita Godbey – Grant Accountant

Jesus Grimaldo – Administrative Assistant/Finance

Delia S. Lopez – Post Permanency and Post Adoption Case Manager

Michelle Lopez – Adoption Coordinator (South Texas)

Rod Martin, LMSW – Adoption Coordinator

Arianne Riebel, LMSW, LCPAA – Manager of Adoption and Foster Care Programs

Yvonne Rodriguez – Foster Care / Adoption Coordinator

Lidia Santiago, LMSW – Post Adoption Case Manager (South Texas)

Donna Waller, LMSW – Supervisor, Post Adoption Program

Annette Williams, PhD – Post Adoption Program Manager

Kristina Wyatt – Foster Care Supervisor